Macalloys First Tension Structure Building, the Renault Distribution Centre, Swindon, UK

Macalloy provided Tension Rods and Macalloy Bars to this iconic building which went on to form a blueprint for architects wanting to create a structure without any internal columns using a stayed roof design.


Designed and built in the early 1980’s the brief for the Renault building was to provide a completely flexible internal space with no internal columns. The world famous architect Norman Foster came up with the stayed roof design, the first of its kind known to Macalloy.


External support columns were anchored to the ground using Macalloy tension bars and then further Macalloy rods used to suspend the roof structure. The building is made up of a number of 24 metre by 24 metre bays, all using steel arches to span the roof which are supported externally with the Macalloy bars in the stayed structure.


Photograph taken by Richard Davies

Architect: Norman Foster/ Foster& Partners

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