Macalloy Tie Rods Used On Whitehall Footbridge; Leeds, UK

Macalloy Tie Rods / Tension Bars were used for the Whitehall Footbridge in Leeds which now plays an aesthetically beautiful part in the city’s landscape.


Macalloy tie rods are used on the Whitehall Footbridge in Leeds. The Macalloy tension bars are used to tension the steel arch and suspend the bridge deck. The pedestrian crosses the River Aire just south of Leeds railway station, and provides pedestrian and cycle access from the village of Holbeck to the city centre. The bridge has two spans: the main 40m span crossing the river is a curved shallow steel box girder with a tied arch leaning away from the deck.


The tie rods were tensioned by Macalloy Site Services using a TechnoTensioner.


Architect – Carey Jones Architects

Contractor – HBGC Construction Ltd

Engineer – Captia Symonds

Image taken by Thomas Ley

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