Macalloy Tie Rods and Post Tension Bars used on Golden Jubilee Bridge; London, UK

A collection of Macalloy Tie Rods and Post Tension Bars went into making a truly iconic bridge which forms a part of Londons modern architectural landscape.


After years of having a reputation of being narrow and dangerous, the decision was made to replace the footbridges that ran either side of the Hungerford Bridge, with new structures.


Seen as an engineering challenge, both Macalloy 460 and 1030 bar systems played a pivotal role in the construction of the two 4m wide bridges, which were later named the Golden Jubilee bridges in honour of the 50th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession.


Using approximately 180 Macalloy 460 Tie Rods on each deck, the tendons were used as deck and backstays, in which the back stays, were placed under tension. In addition specially manufactured tendons threaded M125 were used to create single node points, restraining up to four M64 back stays.


Macalloy 1030 Post-Tensioning Bars were used as trunnion restraints and holding down bolts.


Structural Design – Gifford, Southampton, UK
Contractors – Costain Norwest Holst Joint Venture UK
Steelwork Fabricator/Erection – Butterley Engineering, UK
Concept Design – WSP/Lifschutz Davidson, UK

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