Macalloy Architectural Tension Bars Suspending Skywalk and Tensioning Skylight at Research Centre; Rotherham, UK

Macalloy Architectural Tension Bars / Tie Rod Systems were utilised to add to the architectural steel work aesthetic of the Research Centre at Rotherham.


Macalloy tension rods are used to suspend a skywalk and provide tensioning and structural support for a large glass skylight.


The use of the Macalloy tie rod system allows for the use of the same fork, clevis, end fitting to be used and provide a uniform architectural finish and help provide for a lightweight steel structure.


The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) has been designed as one of the country’s first carbon neutral buildings. Situated on a brownfield site, which has been reclaimed from an old coal and opencast mine, this fully sustainable ‘factory of the future’ will test new technologies for the aerospace industry.


Architect – Bond Bryan Ltd
Contractor – The Bowmer & Kirkland Group
Engineer – Buro Happold
Image taken by Daniel Hopkinson

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