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Stainless Cable – Macalloy SC460

Stainless cable SC460 is an extension of the Macalloy Bar Tendon System. This specially designed system incorporates cable adapters, which allow the standard imperial threaded swaged cables to be connected to the standard Macalloy S640 range of forks. Download our brochures below for more information. Alternatively you can contact us; the details can be found at the bottom of this website.

The Macalloy SC460 Stainless Cable system completes the Macalloy tension structures range of tension bars, compression struts and stainless cables.

The cable system utilizes the same Macalloy fork end as the accompanying tension structures range of tension bars and compression struts, thus allowing for combinations of all 3 cable systems.

The Macalloy SC460 cable can be supplied in 3 different cable types; 1 x 19 strand, 7 x 19 strand and compact strand to suit the strength and flexibility requirements of the project.

The Macalloy SC460 range allows for adjustment of the total cable length. Further adjustment can be obtained through the use of adjustable tensioners which can be positioned either centrally in the cable or alternatively at either end of the cable.

For full details on the break loads, cable types, elastic stretch and component dimensions please download the Macalloy brochure.