Mobile Batching Plant


25 – 45M³/hour


2200 L (gross) – 1500 L (net)

Water tank

500 L

Load cell

3 x 5000 kg

Plug and go

Fibo batching plant is plug and go. This means set up is simple and fast. if you want to move the plant to another location, it can be moved, set up and in full production within a few hours. Watch the video.

Remote Control

The M2200 has Fibo LINK built in. Fibo LINK is our state of the art software that controls the M2200.

The list below are some of the things you can do with Fibo LINK:


  • You can log in and add new mixes remotely 
  • Get tolerance alerts to ensure high quality concrete production
  • Check and adjust settings remotely
  • Locate the plant with GPS
  • Check and optimise productivity remotely
  • Check material stocks
  • Our engineers can log in and support you
  • Get maintenance alerts to reduce down time


The batching plant may be combined with the following equipment:

M2200 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant



The M2200 is a very popular batching plant. It is flexible and can be set up and producing concrete within a day. No civil engineering is required. The plant is mobile and can be taken from site to site and set up within a few hours. You can place it on flat ground, and away you go. 

With an output between 25 to 80m3 per hour, the payback period can be between six to twelve months.

The plant is reliable, and we have plant still making their owners profit, that is over twenty-five years old. The plant keeps its value, and we have a buyback deal when you want to upgrade or move it on.

With Fibo Finance you can get 12 months with no payments. With a return on investment of less than twelve months, this means your batching plant will pay for itself with positive cashflow.


This compact batching plant has a standard capacity of 25-45 M³/h. For production of stiff-mix concrete, a capacity of 45-60 M³/h is possible.

The batching plant is assembled on a joint triple-axle bogie trailer with turn able front axle.

Agitator pan mixer. 2 integrated twin hoppers for 2 x 2 types of aggregate. 2 x 2 separate feed belts. Water supply. Load cells. Dosing equipment and control unit for batching computer.

The standard M2200 is delivered with an additive pump and high-pressure cleaner.

Key Benefits

  • Plug and go within a few hours. This means you can move the plant and set it up for full production in no time.
  • No civil engineering ramps or pits required. The plant sits on flat ground.
  • You have a proven money-making machine. The return on investment is between four and twelve months, depending on your production.
  • Hi dosing accuracy for certified concrete. As standard, the plant has a  +- 3% accuracy and conforms to BS8500 and EN 206 standard tolerances. The plant can be improved to +- 1% with the addition of the pre-cement weight hopper.
  • Design life span of 15 years. We have plant making customers good profits that are over 25 years old giving a very high return on investment.
  • Very reliable. Our batching plants are built using high-quality materials and equipment. The design is simple, and they keep going with the minimum of repairs and maintenance. Extended design life and minimum maintenance deliver high profits.
  • Fibo LINK delivers high productivity and control. Fibo engineers can log in and see what is happening and can adjust the settings for optimised productivity.
  • The system gives you quality tolerance and maintenance alerts ensuring your machine continues to deliver high-quality concrete, with no return loads.
  • Built-in GPS gives you greater security. You know where your plant is located, a great benefit when you are running several plants.
  • Ideal batching plant for ready-mix concrete production, precast concrete production.



The batching plant can be delivered with the following options:

  • Enlarged silo sides for hoppers
  • Integrated hopper for one type of aggregate
  • Additional hopper for aggregates
  • Pre-weighing of cement
  • Additional water pump
  • Water heater
  • Additional additive pump
  • Air compressor
  • Vibrators
  • Toolbox
  • Remote control
Mobile Batching Plant M2200

Recycling Contractor

The layout above is a typical F2200 set up. The F2200 with two cement silos, two cement augers and one concrete conveyor. 

You can use one cement silo for OPC cement and the other for GBS cement. Blending the two can deliver high performance concrete with a reduced carbon footprint.

The layout above is ideal for recycling concrete mixes, precast concrete production and selling concrete for contractor. Multi use delivers high utilisation and good profit margins.

Mobile Batching Plant M2200

Ready Mix Concrete Production

The M2200 layout above is ideal for precast concrete production and selling concrete to the construction sector. The plant is sitting on a wall to give it a little height. The plant is located inside a factory unit to allow production in any weather.

Mobile Batching Plant M2200