Macalloy Sheet Piling Tie Bar System – TB460, TB520, TB590 and TB700

Macalloy Sheet Piling Tie Bar System – TB460, TB520, TB590 and TB700

Macalloy is one of the first companies in the world to design and manufacture threaded bar systems, with its origins dating as far back as the 1940’s. Thus Macalloy is very well known for its Macalloy 17 MHS Tie Bar System, for sheet piling and other general threading applications. Download our brochures below for more information. Alternatively you can contact us; the details can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Macalloy Sheet Piling Tie Bar System provides a comprehensive range of yield strengths, diameters and components.

Steel Tie Bars in the Macalloy Sheet Piling Range are available in 4 different yield strengths from 460 to 700n/mm2. Thread diameters from M42 to M105 are available as standard with thread diameters up to M150 available by special order.
Bars are available up to 11.8 metres in length with longer lengths been achieved through the use of couplers, turnbuckles or other joints.

For corrosive environments Macalloy can provide a range of protection solutions including galvanising and Denso tape wrapping. Denso tape is a grease impregnated tape that provides technical and cost advantages over traditional duct and grout or sacrificial corrosion methods.

A complete range of accessories, designed to exceed the capacity of the relevant strength bar, is available. Accessories include:

Plates – Washer plates, bearing plates, anchor plates, twin hole plates, bridging plates, rocker plates, taper plates, spherical plates and corner blocks.

End Terminations – Spherical nuts, standard nuts, standard washers, spherical washers, taper washers, fork termination, spade termination and paddle connectors

Joints – Fork and spade articulated joints, ball joints, plate and socket articulated joints, turnbuckles and couplers.

Product names for the range relates to the yield strength. The four following ranges are available:

TB460 – 460 n/mm2 yield strength

TB520 – 520 n/mm2 yield strength

TB590 – 590 n/mm2 yield strength

TB700 – 700 n/mm2 yield strength

All the ranges are available in outer thread diameters (bar diameter in brackets) M42 (39mm), M48 (45mm), M56 (52mm), M64 (60mm), M76 (72mm), M85 (82mm), M90 (87mm), M100 (97mm) and M105 (102mm)

For more details on the yield load, ultimate load, permanent and temporary working load, tension resistance and weight of bars along with standard component dimensions please download the Macalloy Sheet Piling Sytem Brochure.

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