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Macalloy Adjustable Compression Strut

Macalloy offer two types of compression struts. The Architectural Strut Range and the Standard Compression Strut System. The Architectural Strut is offered with either: galvanised, stainless or carbon steel finish. In contrast the Standard Compression Strut system is also available as galvanised and carbon steel options, or alternatively it can also be primed. Download our brochures below for more information. Alternatively you can contact us; the details can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Macalloy Architectural Compression Strut provides an aesthetically pleasing long taper end to each of the compression struts. The architectural system uses the same fork end system as the Macalloy tension bar and cable systems, thus allowing for successful combination of all three systems.

The Architectural Compression Strut comes complete with an adjustable lock collar that provides a seamless link between the fork end and the strut. Macalloy offer the compression struts in both stainless and carbon steel.

Macalloy adjustable compression struts are available in all major CHS diameters from 33.7mm to 323.9mm.

Within the adjustable compression strut range there are 2 products: the Macalloy Architectural Compression Strut and the Macalloy Standard Compression Strut:

The Macalloy Architectural Compression Strut has a long, sleek, taper finish to the CHS and a locking collar which hides the thread used to connect the fork.

The Macalloy Standard Compression Strut provides a cost effective alternative with a shorter taped end and no locking collar.

For further details including compressive capacities, CHS Diameters and thicknesses, levels of adjustment and component dimensions please download the Macalloy Compression Struts brochure.